Friday, November 7, 2008


Several Years ago, I along with many others who vehemently supported the work of Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, stood and dedicated Shanti-Nylaya, in Escondido, California--Although many of us now that although she was shadowed by (two) representatives of the Dark One---Many advancements in holistic medicine was achieved...

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we need your help in finding any lightbearer that wants to advance assistive technology programs, software, and disability education

I Remain,

Wakan (having been accompanied by P.E.Giles )

PS: Eric (from previously from Rancho Benardo, California--Please contact me

(brown eyes)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Adaptive Technology for Disable

Provide a blog page where people can interact with one another and retrieve important information links relating to Elderly, Disability, Youth issues.

Provide the people with information about alternative / adaptive equipment for computers.

Provide the poeple with alternative / adaptive software solutions.
Match the right tool for the right needs within workshops / demonstrations.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A.T.E.D.Y’s mission to close what is termed the “Great Digital Divide Gap” the disparity in computer use and literacy between low-income groups (Elderly, Disabled & Youth), which exist mostly in low-income urban areas compared to their more prosperous peers. This shall be accomplished by providing technical skills preparation to disadvantaged groups, partnership with other organizations to create social and economic opportunities that change peoples’ lives and transform communities. Our clients have the opportunity to visit our location to evaluate adaptive equipments, computers, electronics, softwares, hardwares and workshops / demonstrations of information technology resources.